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Site Tag Lines and Quotes:
“Nature gives to every season a beauty all it’s own. Nature is a wonder.” ~Anonymous
“Photography to me is God’s magnificence and creations captured in a second.” ~Lisa Kay
“Wyoming, thank you for your unpopulated, secret, and sacred byways. We wouldn’t know what to do without them.” ~Lisa Kay
Listening to the forest can tell us a lot about the struggle, the journey, and the magic of life.” ~Lisa Kay
Love is the framework and bridge to all things.” ~Lisa Kay
Coyote reminds us of survival, to savor the humor and magic in life…and the unexpected.” ~Lisa Kay
The good and bad experiences in our country represent the freedoms we have today. Don’t tear down our monuments.” ~Lisa Kay

About Lisa Kay: I’ve always loved fashion, the arts, and music. In the past, I have worked in retail in women’s clothing (I loved doing windows and putting clothes and jewelry together). I’ve also worked on Madonna and Enrique Iglesias fan sites reporting news and stomping out rumors with their publicists …which eventually led to reporting for “Dancing With The Stars” at PureDWTS.com and PureDerekHough.com.

Another passion I’ve had since little on is a love for animals, nature, and the great outdoors (thanks Dad!). My hubby is also a huge nature lover. Every chance we get (along with our loving and patriotic doggie, Cash), we take long rides or go camping in the Rocky Mountain States or the Black Hills of South Dakota. Along the way, I started playing around with photography and the rest is history. I hope you enjoy this site which reflects my passions and adventures.

Interested in a personal shoot or purchasing the images at this site without watermarks? If so, contact Lisa Kay Photography in the contact form below. All images at this site taken by and the property of Lisa Kay Photography.