“Fall….You Make The World Beautiful”


“Butterflies Are The Heaven Sent Kisses Of An Angel”

One day this past Spring we ran into all of these lovelies in the Black Hills National Forest. There were thousands of them all around us. It was a surreal and blessful moment to say the least. It felt like heaven. #NeverGiveUp #Hope #Angels #NatureIsAWonder #LisaKayPhotography

Happy 4th Of July, What The American Flag Means

Everywhere we go on our travels, our Dog sits like this whenever he sees a flag. Every single time..even when we don’t know when a flag is flying. Some say he loves the colors. Some say he loves the flag….and maybe he respects and knows what it represents. Whatever the case, he makes us think about the flag and how thankful we are for this great great Country and everything it represents. We love our special boy so much!! Happy 4th Of July, Everyone!! #ThankfulForThisCountry #ItsNotAboutPolitics #ItsAboutFreedom #ItsAboutLoveForThisLandAndEveryoneAndEverything #Happy4thOfJuly